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Budapest vs Belgrade

Holidays in the Baltic Capital: Budapest or Belgrade?

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The Blue Danube

Romantic panoramas, Turkish baths, gipsy shopping, Soviet vintage, boho chic coffee and delicious Balkan street food.
Which one chooses between the two capitals on the beautiful Blue Danube? On RB vacation rentals in apartment, home holiday, family room at the best rates available online.

Your holiday on the beautiful blue Danube

in the heart of the Baltic capitals.

Budapest vs Belgrade

Holidays in Central Europe

– romantic soul
– elegant Art Nuveau palaces
– chic coffee
– fabulous panoramic views
– 8 bridges from which admire the city at any time of the day
– the Danube, which divides Buddha (the high city) from Pest (the center of the capital)
– gulash or porkolt: the Hungarian soup with beef, onions, potatoes and paprika
– fluvial parks and splavovi, boats and piers turned into clubs
– unforgettable cruises on the river from 5 EUR per person
– the bohemian Skadarlija neighborhood, with typical trattorias where you can enjoy traditional cevapcici (spicy meatballs)

River traveler?

Where do you want to sail?

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Relax on the water

Thermal, ancient or modern spa facilities, to relax and enjoy the true life style of the locals.


Fin-de-siecle atmosphere in the renowned chic cafes of this capital, with rich chocolate pies, red velvet armchairs and crystal chandeliers.

Gipsy shopping

Shopping for fashion victims is based on rom colors and lines: shades, motives and gipsy atmospheres for clothes, accessories and floral jewelry.

Balkan Culture

– Hapsburg charm and medieval past in the Castle Hill
– The Royal Palace and its museums
– The Fishermen’s Bastion
– Memento Park with Soviet memorabilia


Relax on the beach

The beach of Ada Ciganlija, an artificial island in the center of the Sava, which is open all year round and fully equipped with sun loungers, deck chairs, kayaks or bicycles.


Going for pekare (typical bakeries) will be a joy! Cheap and famous not only for bread and baked goods but all Balkan street food.

Nordic Beauty

Baikal store sells Russian natural cosmetics prepared with raw materials of Siberian origin.

Balkan Culture

– The fortress of the city with Byzantine, Ottoman, Habsburg remains
– Kalemegdan Park
– The Yugoslav Museum