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Holiday in apartment or residence in Rimini?

On RB, you can find holiday apartments and homes, b&b, hotels for a stay in the legendary Riviera Romagnola, the ultimate expression of the “Italian holiday”, all sea, fun and good food. Rimini, on the Adriatic Sea, has for years been one of the favorite destinations of Italian and foreign families: beaches, low and sandy backdrops are great for children, while nightclubs and nightclubs attract younger tourists. Rimini is in fact a year after year a trendy city where fashion, elegance, sparkling atmosphere and the pleasures of life conquer visitors.

Why go to Rimini?

  • the friendliness and hospitality of the places and its inhabitants
  • numbers: 15 km of beach with 230 bathing establishments and 1200 hotels and residences
  • Superb fun parks
  • Fellini’s atmosphere
  • art treasures, exhibitions and cultural events
  • excursions and itineraries in the hinterland
  • rich food and fine wine, from street food to gourmet restaurants

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When to go to Rimini?

  • Rimini is the summer vacation destination for excellence, perfect for booking your stay from April to September.
  • For lively atmospheres, but also more expensive and crowded, July and August are the hottest months, even for the appointments of the Molo Street Parade and the Pink Night (late June / first week of July) and Ferragosto.
  • For those who choose Rimini to visit villages and festivals or for Christmas holidays or even to explore the various artistic itineraries, the low season of spring and autumn is the ideal occasion and prices are definitely affordable.
When to visit Rimini

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Rimini areas
Three main squares
San Giuliano
Historic Centre
Porto Canale (Pano Wheel)
1 Three squares 2 Bellariva 3 San Giuliano 4 Rivabella 5 Historic Centre 6 Porto Canale 7 Viserba 8 Viserbella 9 Rivazzurra 10 Miramare 11 Riccione 12 Bellaria
Rimini is composed of

The location

Historic center

Up the train station, between the Arch of Augustus and the Tiberius Bridge. Here you will find works and monuments of the Roman and Renaissance period, historic towns, Fellini sites, parks, shops, locales and typical inns.

Three main squares

Piazza Tre Martiri (where the sixteenth-century strain is located at the passage of Giulio Cesare and the three lights on the square witnessing the hanging of the three partisans who died here in the Fascist era), Piazza Ferrari (made famous for its excavations and the Surgeon’s Domus), Piazza Cavour (very important and beautiful where is the important Fontana della Pigna, the municipal and provincial offices, the Galli Theater and access to Vecchia Pescheria, a meeting place for young people both in summer and in winter)both in summer and in winter).

Porto Canale

from the historical center goes towards the sea, where you can find the lighthouse and the panoramic wheel, to the free beach in Piazzale Boscovich.

Marina Centro

Lively and fashionable, is the central area on the seafront, with a promenade along the seaside resorts and a beautiful walk with elegant hotels, shops and trendy venues.

San Giuliano

In the “upstream” area, a small hamlet, once inhabited by fishermen and much loved by Fellini; on the sea there is the dock and a quiet coastline with cliffs and suggestive venues.


To north Rivabella, Viserba, Viserbella; to the south Bellariva, Marebello, Rivazurra, Miramare that divides Rimini from Riccione.

Must see attractions

10 reasons +1 to go on vacation to Rimini

Beaches and Sea

Rimini on the beach: by day and by night. The great golden sand stretches melt with the intense turquoise of the sea. It starts at dawn with walks on the shore. It ends at night after a barefoot dinner on the sand. The philosophy is that everything is on the beach: yoga lessons, sandcastle, seminars of piadina, all kinds of sports. Everything is included in the daily cost of the sun umbrella and lounge. The rates are very competitive with respect to the rest of Italy and there is no entrance ticket to the beach.

The bathing establishments are two hundred and fifty, modern and constantly renewed, organized with animations for children and adults.

But there are also free beaches with toilets and assistance: Boscovich area, San Giuliano in front of the Darsena, Marebello: between the establishments 105 – 106 and 107 – 108, Miramare area: between 139 and 140; from 150 to Thalassotherapic; from the reserved area of Air Force to the border with Riccione, Torre Pedrera area to ​​Tolemaide street.

The sea water is low and the bottom sandy, so it is nice and safe swim especially for children. Only offshore, it can reach a modest depth of about 100 m, while going to south also reaches 1200 m.

Fun Parks

The Riviera Romagnola is the area with the highest density of theme parks in Europe. All the parks are dedicated to families on holiday with children, but also for young people who want to have fun. Interestingly for people of all ages, the facilities are all within a radius of 50 kilometers. The types of parks are many: they are distinguished among theme parks, fairy-tale parks, water parks and much more.

16 properties, one apartment for every Park

Marina of Rimini

The “Marina” is the summer heart of Rimini, which can be reached through avenue Principe Amedeo, which ends with the “Fountain of the Four Horses” and the Grand Hotel. For decades meeting point of national and international aristocracy, today is the most frequented setting by stars of entertainment and culture.

It is the hub of summer fun on the Adriatic Riviera, famous all over the world for the great availability of accommodation facilities and solutions suited to a differentiated tourism. Locals, nightclubs, hotels, restaurants, games rooms and shops for all kinds of shopping overlook Viale Vespucci. The warm welcome of inhabitants, the delicious cuisine of the area, the many events that the municipality organizes during the summer in the squares near the sea and the irresistible appeal of the most famous venues are just some of the features that attract each year in Marina Centro Millions of tourists of all ages and from every corner of the world.

Viale Vespucci is the promenade of fashion boutiques, locals and best restaurants, a diversified tourism area centered around bars and shopping for all styles. Right here is the historic Grand Hotel of Rimini, designed by architect Paolo Somazzi and was inaugurated on July 1, 1908 and in 1994 was declared national monument. Federico Fellini has immortalized this majestic building several times in his movies, and the Rimineses as affectionate tribute have decided to use the names of some of his films to define some streets just off Marina Centro.

Top Apartments in “The Marina” of Rimini

Cariddi 9.1 Residence Art 8.4 Residence Villa Ofelia 9.1


In Rimini you live by day and by night, but here fun is cheerful and never transgressive. Since ever in this seaside resort are born new trends: street bars, happy hour, finger food, beach aperitifs, dinners on the beach, future sports like the next games or nordic walking on the sand. Fun follows all tastes and ages.

Rimini Movida lights every night in various points in the city, in the harbor area, in Marina Centro, where there are the trendy venues, on the seafront or on the beach. And then wine bar, pubs and restaurants in the historic center, in particular the area of vecchia Pescheria in Piazza Cavour, a meeting point throughout the year.


In the summer low-cost entertainments are undoubtedly in the marina area where between the Panoramic Wheel and the famous Rock Island with free entrance the evenings never end. It is imperative to try the Kiosko for an aperitif, the Barrumba for dinner or the evening and the Creperie Garden. If you want to eat something good go to Rose and Crown, it’s open all night.


In winter the sea area is all closed. The Wheel in October disappears and all the fun moves to the Historic Centre in the Vecchia Pescheria among the famous Cantinette.
Here you can try the Bottega della Creperia, where fun is assured. At Yerbabuena aperitif with abundance of cold pasta and appetizers, while Da Spazi for a more classy aperitif with a wide selection of wines and cocktails.

Top Open Spaces for parties in Central Rimini

Un Open Space in Centro Storico 9.9 Intimo Open Space 10

Sand Nativity

Acclaimed for the bond created between the tradition of crib and sand, the real symbol in the seaside tradition, sand “presepi” are very much appreciated in Rimini for the suggestion and care of the creations. They record every year a remarkable increase in the number of visitors, suggesting a fascinating journey between sand sculptures and works that reach up to 6 meters high to re-propagate the theme of the Nativity set in ancient Rimini scenes. The cribs are set up partially inside a covered and heated setting, illuminated and open even in the evening, and partially outside. The Nativity of Torre Pedrera is curated by the Sand Academy and proposes the Nativity at the center of a thematic landscape that changes every year. Over 200 characters intent on their daily work, which goes back to the tradition of the Neapolitan crib with contamination of Romagna culture. Instead, the Nativity scene at Marina Centro proposes a path that leads the spectator from the Annunciation to the Nativity to the Magi, set between glimpses of the ancient Ariminum. Marina Centro’s Nativity scene is located on the free beach in front of Piazzale Boscovich and is accompanied by animations, shows and gastronomic events.

Art Treasures: Malatesta's capital

Rimini has been a wretched city, the capital of a lordship, the one of Malatesta, a crossroads of cultures whose ancient and precious testimonies are preserved. Its art treasures cover unique masterpieces ranging from Roman to Renaissance. A place to be seen following the impressive and suggestive trails left by twenty centuries of history such as the Arch of August, the Tiberius Bridge, Castel Sismondo, the Malatestian Temple, the Roman Piazza Tre Martiri or the medieval Cavour Square to end with the Museum of the City that preserves its past, through over 1500 works, and the archaeological site of ‘Domus of Surgeon’ with the exceptional surgical-pharmaceutical kit, which has been intact since the Roman age.

Also to visit the castles and the rocks:
Castel Sismondo, Malatestian’s Rock of the Sasso, Malatestian Rock Valle del Conca, Malatestian Fortress Santarcangelo, Rock Guidi di Bagno, Malatestian Fortress Mondaino, Rock of Gradara, San Leo fortress, Fortress of Montegridolfo

Food and Gastronomy

  • Piada. You cannot say that you know Rimini without having tasted “the national food of the Romagnoli”, slimmer and crisper than the Forlì and Ravenna. Try the piada with the sardines and that with chianina and pecorino.
  • Homemade beers
  • Lupines, to be bought in one of the kiosks at the intersection between the beach and the marina, open at every hour, summer and winter.
  • Adriatic blue fish. Mackerel, mullet, rodent, sardine, bouillon. The “arzdore” cook it in the soup or grilled.
  • The Sangiovese, the red wine that warms the hearts.


Rimini is also the great cinema. It is the fantastic world of Federico Fellini and the place where he has asked for rest forever.

In his masterpieces, the Riminese past is constantly recurring: the Cavour and Tre Martiri squares that become those of Amarcord (“I remember”, in dialect), the Fulgor cinema in the Corso that lives in Roma and Amarcord, the beach with the cabins of the “Città delle Donne”, the Grand Hotel.

To find out more about these itineraries you can start from Parco Fellini where the Grand Hotel is located and where you can also sleep in the Fellini suite (his favorite) or book a dinner based on the Fellini menu.

The next steps will be the marina and the “palata” where the Vitelloni philosophized into a winter Rimini.

Best Apartments near Parco Fellini in Rimini

Appartamento Spica 9.8 Casa di Anna 9.1 Residence Villa Dei Pini 7.9

Rimini Thermae and Spa

Riminiterme is the largest spa center with beauty SPA, excellence center for the health and well-being of the whole family. The multipurpose structure, divided into specific areas, rises on the beach and overlooks the sea. The water is salt-bromo-iodine, therefore has natural elements that make it particularly suitable for the treatment of respiratory and osteoarthritis.

In addition to traditional thermal, thalasso treatments based on the therapeutic properties of sea water and marine elements for health and wellness care.

Open all year round, Rimini Thermae are the only ones in Emilia-Romagna to use marine and thermal waters.

Panoramic Wheel

The Panorama Wheel is Italy’s largest traveling wheel: 42 closed and half-sealed cabins in liberty style to enjoy the Riviera from above. Located on the Boscovich square, you can enjoy a beautiful view from the wheel. A unique experience especially at sunset.

App I Love Rimini

ILOVERIMINI is the first app dedicated to Rimini. Totally free, shows the events of all 27 municipalities in the Province of Rimini. An intuitive and organized interface, as well as directly on the map of the territory, also through a search form by city, type of event and date. Events are organized in 12 macro categories to easily find your favorite appointment. I LOVE RIMINI is also social and participatory, everyone can report their event, both private and public.

How to move in Rimini?

The best way to see Rimini is by foot or by bicycle. Even using the buses is very easy, one of the most popular and useful lines is the number 11, the one connecting Rimini to Riccione passing through the sea promenade and the Rimini Station. It is possible to get to Riccione or to your preferred seaside resort at only 1.50 EUR for 90 minutes of racing.

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A family on holiday in Romagna finds everything:

  • low sea bottom and sandy beaches and fully equipped with restaurants, children’s facilities, huge play areas
  • amusement parks
  • great food
  • an ideal area for excursions and art treasures
  • friendliness of the inhabitants
  • top services
  • pediatric care on site
  • availability of bicycles with baby seats for comfortable and pleasant walks
  • all inclusive prices at favorable rates

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